6 Top destinations for horse riding in the UAE

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Top destinations for horse riding in the UAE

Are you planning a trip to the UAE and looking for a memorable horse riding experience? This guide about the top destinations for horse riding in the UAE, is here to help. With countless stables across each emirate and an extensive list of activities to choose from, planning a trip to the UAE can be overwhelming.


While most travel guides suggest the best stables to visit, they often overlook the diversity of landscapes where you can enjoy horse riding in the emirates. From the desert to the forest, from the beach to the lakes and mountains, the UAE is home to many hidden gems that are not typically included in equestrian tourist guides.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top destinations for horse riding in the UAE. This guide will help you discover the most breathtaking and unforgettable experiences on horseback, regardless of your level of experience.

If you’re looking instead for specific stables, check out our two articles on the best stables in Dubai, divided by area: Al Ruwayyah, Al Qudra & Al AweerMurqquab, Al Khawaneej, Al Safa, Za’Abeel. Stay tuned for our upcoming lists of top stables in other emirates!

Let’s deep dive in the list!

1. Explore Hatta mountains on horseback

top destinations for horse riding in the UAE_Hatta
Photo by Clintonrebeiro

Located in the eastern region of Dubai, the Hatta Mountains offer a stunning backdrop for horse riding. With its rugged terrain and scenic trails, the area is perfect for adventurous riders seeking a unique equestrian experience.


The Hatta Mountains are also home to several stables offering horse riding tours, ranging from one hour to half-day trips. These tours take riders through the mountains’ rugged terrain, where they can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including valleys, gorges, and natural pools.


For those looking for a more leisurely ride, there are also options to take a guided tour on horseback through the picturesque Hatta Heritage Village. This historic site provides riders with an opportunity to explore the traditional Emirati architecture, learn about the village’s history and culture, and enjoy the stunning mountain scenery.


The Hatta mountains are surely one of the top destinations for horse riding in the UAE.  Exploring the Hatta Mountains on horseback is an unforgettable experience for any horse riding enthusiast. It is a great way to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and connect with nature while discovering the UAE’s rich cultural heritage.

Two of the most popular places to book a horse riding experience in Hatta are Alraeel Stable and Hatta horse fort rental.

In addition, the Hatta Mountains are also a conservation area, home to various species of wildlife, including the Arabian oryx, gazelles, and hares. Horse riding tours in the area are often guided by experienced tour operators who prioritize preserving the natural environment and wildlife in the region. Riding through the conservation area is a truly unique experience that allows riders to witness and appreciate the local ecosystem and its diverse wildlife.

2. Get a horseback riding tour of the UAE largest forest of Mushrif Park

top destinations for horse riding in the UAE_Mushrif Park
Image by Image by Bénédicte ARROU-VIGNOD

Mushrif Park, located in Dubai, is the UAE’s largest reserve forest, stretching over 5.25 square kilometers of land. The park offers a beautiful oasis of greenery in the heart of the city making it to the list of one of the top destinations for horse riding in the UAE.


The park features a dedicated equestrian trail, which takes riders through scenic routes, including the dense forest and tranquil lakes.

One of the most famous stables located in the beautiful Mushrif Park is Winners Equestrian Club. They offer different ride lengths, starting from half an hour up to two hours, to suit different preferences. The horse riding tours in Mushrif Park cater to all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned riders.


A horse riding tour in Mushrif Park is not just about exploring the beautiful forest, but also experiencing the park’s diverse wildlife. The park is home to over 50 species of birds and several small mammals such as foxes, rabbits, and hedgehogs. The experienced tour guides also provide interesting insights into the flora and fauna of the park.


Mushrif Park is an excellent destination for horse riding enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife, it offers an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on any rider.

3. Ride between the desert lakes in Al Qudra

Photo by Ashal Abbas

Al Qudra, located on the outskirts of Dubai, is a popular area for local equestrians and for tourists that want to experience an unforgettable ride in one of the top destinations for horse riding in the UAE. The area is a nature lover’s paradise, with over 100 man-made lakes, sprawling desert dunes, and spectacular views of the Dubai skyline (when the sky is clear enough).


The serene lakes offer a beautiful contrast to the rugged desert terrain and provide an ideal location for horseback riding and endurance riding enthusiasts. With its breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife, it offers an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on any rider.


The Al Qudra horse riding trails cater to all experience levels, from beginner to advanced riders. The tours are led by experienced guides who will take you on a scenic route through the desert and around the tranquil lakes. Some of the go-to stables include Al Jiyad Stables and MRM stable (owned by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid AlMaktoum).


The Al Qudra lakes are also home to a wide variety of bird species, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers. The best time to visit is during the winter months when migratory birds from Europe and Asia flock to the area.


After your horseback riding adventure in Al Qudra, be sure to check out the nearby camping zone where you can relax and enjoy a picnic with your family or friends. While there are no shops in the area, you can bring your own food and refreshments to enjoy after your ride. This is the perfect way to end your day in the desert, surrounded by stunning lakes and wildlife.

4. Swim with the horses in the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches of Abu Dhabi.

Photo by Guilhem Vellut

If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling horseback riding experience in the UAE, consider taking a ride on one of the many stunning beaches that dot the coastline in Abu Dhabi


With crystal clear waters and soft white sand, these beaches offer a picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable ride. As you ride along the shoreline, you can feel the gentle sea breeze on your face and take in the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Keep an eye out for native wildlife such as crabs, seagulls, and even dolphins if you’re lucky. 


Some popular stables to experience a beach ride in Abu Dhabi include Sanam Horse riding and  Alshahama Club, both located in Al Bahyah. These stables provide well-trained horses and experienced guides to ensure a safe and unforgettable experience for riders of all levels.

5. Visit the east coast to enjoy a beautiful sunrise ride on the beach


One of the top destinations for horse riding in the UAE is for sure the east coast, known for its stunning beaches and clear blue sea. What better way to experience this natural beauty than with a sunrise horseback ride on the beach? The serene atmosphere, combined with the gentle sound of waves crashing and the stunning sight of the sun rising over the horizon, creates an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever.


Fujairah city offers a unique beach riding experience that is different from the typical Arabian desert scenery found in other parts of the UAE. You’ll be able to gallop along the sandy shores, feeling the wind in your hair and the salty sea breeze on your face. The stunning backdrop of the Hajar Mountains in the distance makes for a truly breathtaking experience. Several stables in Fujairah offer beach riding experiences, including A7 Stables and Fujairah horse stable.

In the Emirate of Sharjah, but still on the east coast, you can book a beach ride from Maydan Khorfakan Equestrian Club located in Khor Fakkan (just about 30 mins drive from Fujairah). These stables offer well-trained horses to ensure your safety and enjoyment during your ride.


After your ride, take a stroll along the beach and soak in the beauty of the coastline. Fujairah is also home to numerous attractions, such as the historic Fujairah Fort, the Al-Bidyah Mosque, and the Fujairah Museum, all of which offer a glimpse into the rich culture and heritage of the UAE.

6. Experience the beauty of Umm Al Quwain’s Mangrove Beach on horseback

Photo by Lovellajane

Umm Al Quwain’s Mangrove Beach offers a unique horse riding experience that allows you to explore the beautiful coastline on horseback while enjoying the picturesque views of the mangrove trees. This scenic ride will take you through the tranquil waters and peaceful surroundings of the mangroves, and you will get a chance to witness the abundance of marine life that calls this area their home.


As you ride along the coastline, you can observe different bird species flying overhead, and if you are lucky, you may spot some stingrays or even turtles swimming in the shallow waters. 

One of the most popular stables that offer horse riding tours to the mangrove beach in Umm Al Quwain is Kaber stables. They provide well-trained horses and experienced guides, making it a truly unforgettable experience in one of the top destinations for horse riding in the UAE.

Tips for Horse Riding in the UAE

When planning a horse riding experience in the UAE, it’s important to be aware of the weather conditions. The summers can be incredibly hot, with temperatures soaring up to 50 degrees Celsius, making it uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to ride for extended periods. The best time to ride is during the winter months when temperatures are cooler, and the weather is more pleasant.


Additionally, it’s essential to dress appropriately for the weather and wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the strong sun. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your ride to stay hydrated. If you’re traveling from abroad, it’s advisable to acclimate to the weather and time zone before embarking on any outdoor activities, including horse riding.


Lastly, it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before your ride, as sudden weather changes can occur in the UAE. By taking these precautions, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable horse riding experience in the UAE.

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